Our expertise

The winemaking is probably the most delicate stage, but it is also when Lionel can unleash his creativity.

He applies skills passed down by his ancestors and tests out other more contemporary methods, in order to enhance his products.

Firstly, the grape will be harvested at the ripeness to insure the best balance between sugar and acidity. Then, it will be the work of wild yeasts. The white wines will be vinified at a low temperature to preserve the aroma. The fermentation will be longer for the red wine. A sweet filtration, finage with egg white albumin if necessary.

Our goal is to have a fruity, aromatic and round wine. To let it express its spontaneity without forcing it, in order to obtain a product with character, a unique product.

Sulphur or no added sulphur?

Sulphur is well and truly present in the organic wines. The authorized rate is very low, but it is quite enough to preserve the wine, without affecting the health of the consumer. It is an antiseptic and an antioxidant.

The wine naturally produces sulfur in very small quantities to protect itself. This is a wine "without added sulfur" in which nothing has been added.

It takes a good technical mastery to make these wines. The choice of grape varieties is very important. These are wines that reveal all their aromatic power.

The absence of added sulfur does not alter the taste and nose of these wines, so they are naturally rich in aromas and taste.