Since 1999, our vines have been awarded the AB label certified by ECOCERT as well as the European Bio logo.

Working in organic farming is above all a way of life. It is respect for the land, the product, the winemaker and the consumer.

Organic farming
What is it ?

Since 1999, Lionel Boutié cultivates his vines in organic farming. Cheerful and always curious, he likes to remind that if, at the beginning, his commitment in the organic farming was above all an opportunity, today, he measures all the benefits of an agriculture which respect nature.

Lionel Boutié

«  It's gradually that we convert ourselves to the organic farming, and today, I can say that I have no regrets, quite the opposite! Every day, I relish to discover more animal and microbial life in our vines. I breathe better...… »

Lionel Boutié

Some steps of the organic farming :

  • Compost and organic amendments in order to "feed" the soil
  • Natural grassing in autumn and in winter
  • Maintenance of soils by ploughing and manual hoeing from spring to autumn
  • Treatments with natural products
  • Biological control against the "worms of the cluster."